Four Elements Symbol - Metal Wall Art Home Decor - Handmade in the USA - Choose 12", 17", 23", 30" or 36" Wide


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Four Elements Symbol
Metal Wall Art Home Decor - Handmade - Choose 12", 17", or 23", 30" or 36" wide
Handmade in the USA
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Your item will come in the colors shown which Slightly OverLap each other with no hard lines dividing the colors.

Each one is hand made, hand painted, and unique.

Finished in the following colors:

Earth - Rusty Eden Green
Air - Rusty Sea Blue
Water - Rusty Sail Blue
Fire - Rusty Magenta

When Ordering:
Choose your Size.


If you would like to switch a rusty color(s) you can include a note in the "Special Instructions for Seller" field during checkout. Please note as a four-color item, this is only available in our rusty patinas.
If you would like one of our specialty or hammered patinas, the whole piece can be finished in just one specialty or hammered patina. 
12" wide x 11.9" tall or 17" wide x 16.9" tall or 23" wide by 22.9" tall or 30" wide x 29.8" tall or 36" wide x 35.8" tall
Has a high quality commercial grade clear coat sealer.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
   One Stands off serve as a hanging brackets and keep it 3/4" from your wall to create a unique look with cool shadows.
   Simply hang using one small nail at the top 3/4" stand off.
Many other items letters, signs, symbols, words and maps available in my collections!
I cut this wall art from very durable 1/8" thick steel.  Each sign is "made to order" making it a unique item.  No two are exactly the same.
Looks great hanging on your wall or outdoors on a fence.
I've sold several thousand metal wall art pieces online over the years, so you can buy with confidence. This is my livelihood :)
Thanks you for viewing my work! Chris