Customer Order - Lakeside Lattes Logo - 1 sets - Unfinished with Keyhole Standoffs


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Custom Order
Lakeside Lattes Logo - 1 set - Unfinished with Keyhole Standoffs
10 pieces total:
Circle measures 36" tall x 37.7" wide
LAKESIDE letters measure 6" to 6.5" tall
Lattes measures 22.3" wide
Each State finished in Rusty Sail Blue
Has a high quality commercial grade clear coat sealer.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
   Stand offs serve as hanging brackets and keep it 3/4" from your wall to create a unique look with cool shadows.
   Simply hang using two small nails at the top two 3/4" stand offs which are level.
Many other items signs, symbols, words and maps available in my collections!
I cut this wall art from very durable 1/8" thick steel.  Each sign is "made to order" making it a unique item.  No two are exactly the same.
Looks great hanging on your wall or outdoors on a fence.
I've sold several thousand metal wall art pieces online over the years, so you can buy with confidence. This is my livelihood :)
Thanks you for viewing my work! Chris